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What is Theatre on Ice?

The best of everything figure skating! Theatre on Ice incorporates freestyle, dance, choreography, performance skills, pairs skills, and team skills to create an artistically exciting production TEAM of skaters! We use music, props, costumes, and choreography to tell a story on the ice - much like watching a production in a theatre, we create a production on a sheet of ice.


Figure skating can be a very individually-based sport...but Theatre on Ice brings all of the things skaters love to the next level by adding the benefits of learning to become a unified team. Our team members learn how to become team players and help each other achieve a common goal!


And on top of that...we just have LOTS of FUN together!!

What does a Theatre On Ice Team actually do?

After auditions in the fall, we train weekly and prepare 3 programs:

1) Holiday Show Program

2) Choreographic Exercise (or Short Program) 

3) Free Skate (or Long Program)


Once we have perfected our programs, it's showtime! We perform and compete locally, but we also travel together as a team to different destinations each year - the epitome of our season is the National Theatre on Ice Competition where nearly 100 teams from across the United States gather to compete for the coveted National Medals! 

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