Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Skating Club of Nevada?

We are a family! But also...we are what's called a US Figure Skating member Club. There are 100s of "Clubs" around the country that help to develop and foster figure skaters, but ours is the oldest and largest Club in Nevada. 

Why should I (or my child) join the Skating Club of Nevada?

  • Every skater has their own unique journey in the sport of ice skating! Becoming a member of the Skating Club of Nevada opens up the door to many opportunities in our Sport! Club Membership includes a membership with US Figure Skating (one of two governing bodies of figure skating) and therefore gives eligibility to a skater to participate in US Figure Skating Tests, Competitions, and events. 

  • Another benefit to becoming a member - joining our FAMILY! There's nothing like being around people who share the same passion as you and we truly do our best to support each other! We have lots of fun social events throughout the year (including the much anticipated "Annual Awards Banquet")! 

  • We have the lowest membership and testing fees in Las Vegas! We try our best to make skating as affordable and approachable as possible and we pride ourselves on giving back to our skaters - including nearly $2000 per year in SCHOLARSHIPS!! (All Home Club members are eligible to apply!)

  • And of course we have to mention...the "Club Jacket!" Have you ever watched the skaters who seem to know what their doing in those awesome looking jackets with our Club logo? ONLY Club Members are allowed to purchase/wear our jackets and it is definitely a rite of passage. Nothing but pride for our wonderful club and skaters!! 

What if I want to join in the middle of the Membership year?

No problem! We accept Membership Applications throughout the entire year! Unfortunately, since our rates are entirely dependent on the US Figure Skating Membership costs, we cannot Pro-Rate for memberships purchased later in the season (since USFS does not Pro-Rate). Our Memberships follow the USFS calendar and are valid from July 1st through June 30th each season, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Membership Chair at

My child is currently an ISI (Ice Sports Industry) Member, do I still need a Skating Club of Nevada Membership?

It depends! At the Las Vegas Ice Center, we are a facility that supports BOTH ISI and US Figure Skating testing and Competitions! There are benefits to both organizations and we love that skaters can choose to do either or both - depending on their skating goals! If your skater is interested in advancing their skills further, being eligible to compete at our Desert Ice Competition, perhaps audition for our Theatre on Ice team, pursue higher level testing, or just be part of a fun group of skaters who LOVE what they do - then it's probably time to consider a Skating Club of Nevada membership!