Ballet Technique and Stretching Class


We are very excited to announce a new opportunity for Las Vegas Ice Center figure skaters! We have partnered with Jordance Studios (right across the street!) and we will be offering TWO off-ice classes per week that will help to take your skating to the next level!


Benefits of Ballet for Figure Skaters


Body Alignment - one of the foundational concepts of both ballet and skating is to keep shoulders over hips and hips right over feet


Body and Arm Movement - creating better on ice presentation and overall "look"


Strengthening of Core Muscles - these are necessary for ALL the things on the ice


Body Awareness - the more a skater is able to control each part of the body, the easier it is to coordinate edges, turns, jumps, and spins


Conditioning of Leg Muscles - helps to develop more powerful pushes and jumps


Flexibility - endless benefits for skaters: spirals, spins, split jumps, spread eagles, etc.


Class Info


Days and Times:

Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00PM - 7:00PM



Jordance Studios
9394 W. Flamingo Rd, Suite 118 (Near Smiths, Behind School of Rock)


Class Costs:

One time registration fee of $40. Classes are $120 per month (2 classes per week).
Drop ins are $20 per class


Attire for Class:

All students will need tights, a leotard, and split sole ballet slippers. They do sell all necessities at Jordance Studio or you can shop locally or online. Please have hair pulled back neatly.



Please talk to Coach Katrina or call Paula at Jordance Studio (702) 240-5040