Audition Info

Interested in joining our team?

We are a team of figure skaters training, performing, and competing TOGETHER!

Our season runs from September through July.

This season's Auditions have already taken place, so our next auditions will take place in Fall 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the requirements to audition for Las Vegas Ice Theatre?

All skaters must have passed ISI Freestyle 3 or USFS Free Skate 3. Skaters are strongly encouraged to have passed their USFS Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field or higher. No previous team or theatre experience is necessary.

When are the team practices?

Our team practices once a week on Saturday mornings.

How much does it cost to be on the team?

Our typical season fees range between $1500-$2500. This can vary greatly depending on the number of skaters on the team and the amount of fundraising money we can raise. These fees cover ice time, coaching, music cutting, team gear, costumes, props, team registration fees, and competition entry fees.

Questions? Please email Coach Katrina at